Emergency Preparedness Resources for Home Care


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Welcome to the home care emergency preparedness website of HCA Education and Research, an arm of the Home Care Association of New York State.

This site provides resources, planning documents and education materials to help home care providers in their emergency preparedness efforts on behalf of patients and staff. In addition to this site, HCA also provides frequent emergency preparedness education sessions and other assistance to providers.

New York State regulations require home care providers to maintain an emergency plan which instructs staff on response procedures in the event of a natural disaster, mass casualty event, hazardous material accident, spread of infectious disease or pandemic, and other incidents.

HCA and HCP Develop Home Care Emergency Preparedness Primer

April 2015

HCA and the New York State Association of Health Care Providers (HCP) have developed a “primer” on home care emergency preparedness and response.

The piece targets regional and local emergency management officials who need to engage with, but are most often not well-versed about, the home and community based services sector – one of many steps by HCA and DOH to raise awareness.

The primer was also distributed to members of the New York State Emergency Managers Association, officers at hospitals throughout the state, utility companies and others.

HCA members are encouraged to distribute the primer to relevant local contacts whom you feel would benefit from greater awareness of home care’s role in emergency preparedness. A PDF is at http://www.hca-nys.org/documents/HomeCareEPPrimer.pdf.


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